Legend Outdoor Wood Furnace
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With outdoor wood furnaces, any of the mess and fire hazard associated with wood or wood burning stays out of the home. Dirt, sawdust, ash, and other mess need not be carried into and out of the home.


Using wood heat reduces dependence on the fluctuating prices of traditional heating fuels. Wood is one of the least expensive heating fuels available. Many outdoor wood furnace owners have ample supplies of wood available on nearby forestland and harvest their own firewood. Many logging services, wood products manufacturers, and other companies have waste wood available at little or no cost to you.


An outdoor wood furnace is thermostatically controlled to provide a comfortable and steady indoor temperature. Thermostatic controls along with large firebox size, allows for long burn cycles. Most owners need only fill their furnaces every 12 to 24 hours, dependent upon conditions. A large firebox size also allows larger wood pieces and eliminates having to split logs.